"Suitable host acquired, uploading Geist Virus, upload sucessful, Akumechanization complete"-A Borg Buckle transforming a host

Akumechs are artificial akumas created by Geisel using robotic belt buckles called Borg-Buckles to corrupt ordinary humans in robotic akuma with a program called The Geist Virus which, like Hawkmoth, derives from the power of Geisel's artificial Miraculous. Like the butterflies of Hawkmoth, Borg-Buckles move about searching for a host that is in a mentally negative state and latch on to them via the waistline, they possess an object closest to their human host and transform them into Akumechs and obey the whims of the General through the control of his super computer dubbed 'The Brain Machine'. However unlike the butterflies, they brainwash and suspend the free will of the host. The only way to revert a Akumech back into a human is to remove and/or destroy the Borg-Buckle from the host. One notable trait is that every time before a Borg-Buckle is destroyed, it transfers its data of the Akumech back to The Brain Machine for purposes currently unknown.

Origin Edit

Geisel had Assatron break into the Agreste residence where he attacked house-arrested Gabriel Agreste to steal the Moth Miraculous from him. Once brought back to Geisel, he began research on replicating and augmenting the Akumitization process and tested on his willing subordinates who later became The Elite 5. Since then, Geisel's factories have been producing Borg-Buckles and spread them throughout the occupied countries

List of Akumechs Edit

The French Branch The Italian Branch The Mexican Branch The American Branch The German/Main Branch