Akona Henare
Akona Henare Mugshot
Name Akona Henare
Nickname(s) Aka
Basic Information
Sex Female
Species Human
Relatives Cerise Henare (daughter)
Luca Henare (husband)
Occupation Performer
Special Information
Image Gallery
Days aren't meant to just go by all nice and easy. Challenge yourself! And do it so often that nothing worries you anymore.

—Akona, to Cerise

Akona Henare is a minor character in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. She is a French immigrant from New Zealand who currently works at a culture theatre as a performer, mostly doing dance. She was the chief of the Un Moyen tribe of the Māori people, but gave this position up to her sister to move to Paris with her family.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Akona is a woman in her mid-30's with brown skin, full lips, brown eyes, and wavy, mid-length dark chocolate hair that's normally let out with her bangs pulled back into a bun. She has approximately six lines going across her collarbones and coming down to the upper parts of her shoulders.

Civilian attire Edit

Casually, she wears a gray knee-length, high-waisted skirt with a long-sleeved denim shirt with a spread collar, and black stilettos with a strap going across the ankle. She also wears small earrings and a necklace that has a silver triangle pendant attached to it.

Tribe attire Edit

Personality Edit

Akona is a person who presents as "small", meaning she is fairly submissive and doesn't care much for speaking. She prefers writing and dancing, among numerous other ways of expression to get her point across. Since she herself doesn't like conversation, she has learned to be wary of body language, but will normally separate herself from new people in order to not risk offending them, which is considerate in a way. She is also in opposition to large changes, shown when she disagreed with Cerise going away to a rugby training camp for a month by herself.

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Cerise Henare Edit

Luca Henare Edit

Hawk Moth Edit

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