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Ajmaal (Arabic: أجمل, ʾAjmal[1]) is a kwami connected to the Gazelle Miraculous, and with her power, its bearer can use the pin to transform into a gazelle-themed superhero, its last user being Khadidja Meziane.

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Ajmaal Edit

Ajmaal is a creative spelling of the Arabic word ʾajmal (أَجْمَل) meaning "most beautiful, prettiest"[2], a form of jamīl (جَمِيل) meaning "beautiful, handsome"[3]. The name reflects her nickname of "The Beautiful One", as gazelles are seen as symbols of beauty and grace in many cultures.

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  • Since she has been apart from the other main kwamis for years, she is not particularly close to Tikki, Plagg, Wayzz, etc...
  • She once worked alongside Kahina (Dihya), a 7th century Algerian Berber warrior queen.

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