This is a fanmade character made by Star Tear564

Aaron is the kwami that allows the holder of the Knight Miraculous transform into the hero/heroine Midnight.

Appearance Edit

Aaron is a silver color with a knight helmet on his head and a silver cape. He also has black feathers on his helmet.

Personality Edit

Aaron is cautious and understanding. He follows the code of chivalry and is quite brave. He comforts Lyra when she needs it and encourages her to do more things. He also gives Lyra advice on being Midnight and on life.

Relationships Edit

Lyra Pureheart Edit

Aaron cares deeply for Lyra, one because she is the current holder of the Knight Miraculous, an important job being the protector of Miraculous holders. Two, because she is a descendant of King Arthur, and thus a princess. Three, and mostly, she reminds Aaron of the previous holder, Arthur, who was unknowingly, Lyra's father. Aaron comforts and encourages Lyra and gives her advice on her double life.

Arthur Pureheart Edit

Arthur Pureheart was the previous holder of the Knight Miraculous. He and Aaron were like brothers. Aaron sees similarities between Arthur and Lyra, although he does not know that he was Lyra's father and that he died in the fire.

Trivia Edit

  • Aaron's favorite food is chicken
  • He is sometimes clumsy
  • Aaron has the ability to heal physical wounds